Cute Homemade Fishing Scene Cake

My son wanted fishing equipment for his 12th birthday so I made him this Fishing Cake too. The cake is a chocolate sponge made in an 8 inch round tin. I sliced it in half and sandwiched it with jam and buttercream.

I then coloured the remaining butterscream green and covered the top of the cake with it. I rolled out some blue ready to roll icing to make a pond shape and put it on the cake surrounded by sweet pebbles kindly bought by a friend from a sea-side sweet shop.

I made the rod from half a wooden kebab stick, painted with black food colouring and found a plastic person and some ducks from my youngest son’s farm set.

I covered a round plastic lid from a plastic milk bottle with black icing to make a seat. I then made lily pads from green ready to roll icing and fish from red mixed with yellow. I mixed blue and green icing together to make a tackle box and then used the remaining coloured icing, rolled into panels to cover the sides of the cake.