Coolest Fishing Cake

I enjoy creating fun birthday cakes for my children, but sometimes coming up with an idea that I can actually produce is tricky (since I don’t use fondant). I happened to find a fish-shaped aluminum pan at a garage sale, and it sparked an idea for a fishing themed cake for my son who enjoys casting a line (I think the pan may have actually been intended for decorative purposes).

First, I baked some cake in a soccer ball cake pan (half sphere) and carved it into a large rock shape. Then I made smaller rocks out of carved cupcakes. The cake was difficult to get out of the fish pan, even though I had greased it well. After arranged all of the cake pieces up on the tray, I frosted them.

I used brown M&Ms for the eyes. The fins were made out of cookies cut into fin shapes, then frosted. I made a bobber out of a red sucker (stick mostly cut off), half covered with a yellow Laffy Taffy, attached to red rope licorice for the line, and wrapped around a pretzel stick for the pole. I used paper clips bent for the hooks. I used graham cracker crumbs for the sand and added a few chocolate candy rocks as well.

My son was thrilled with the fishing cake and so were all of his cousins! It’s going to be hard to top that one…and so the search for the next cake idea begins.