I was looking for a cake to make for my boyfriend’s nephew’s birthday. We all love to fish, so I researched fish birthday cakes and saw all of these wonderful cakes on this site. I also found a “how to” from Martha on how to sculpt and decorate the fish cake.

I decided we didn’t need a full sheet cake, so I made a half sheet or brownie pan of “the world’s best chocolate cake”. I made a butter cream for the icing and used the entire .25oz blue tint. I made sure I didn’t stir it very well to give the color depth (light blue and dark blue).

I decided I didn’t like the round fish so I cut the corners off and sculpted a sleeker look. I focused on how I wanted the body to look then attached the extra cut offs of cake into fins (I’m still not very happy with the bottom fin. I put the cake into the freezer overnight and used a serrated knife to make the cuts. I applied a crumb coat and let that dry overnight as well.

After applying the top, thick coat of icing I added the M&Ms for scales. I used the serrated knife laying flat and pulled lightly in a zig zag motion to create the other scales on the head and fins. I cut a triangle out for the mouth and inserted 2 red M&Ms on the top and bottom for the mouth. I used a brown M&M for the eye. I sprinkled silver sugar to make it shiny like real scales would be.

We all enjoyed this cute and delicious cake. Thank you for the inspiration.