Coolest Five Car Train Birthday Cake

I took my favorite ideas from this site and combined them all to make this Homemade Five Car Train Birthday Cake for my son’s 5th birthday.

Half of the cake is coconut pound cake, the other half chocolate pound cake, as it is dense and easier to work with when cutting into shapes.

I baked them in various sizes; loaf pans, 9X13 pans and 8″ square pans, then cut them into the shapes I needed.

The locomotive smoke stack is a sugar cone, dipped in corn syrup and coated with colored sugar. The smoke is corn syrup-coated popcorn. I let this dry about a day before the party so it wouldn’t fall. The round part of the locomotive is three ding dong cakes held together with toothpicks and icing.

The coal is crushed Oreo thin cookies. And the other stacks are pirouette cookies dipped in colored sugar. All of the wheels are mini-cookies with non-pareils “glued” on with icing, then “glued” to the cake.

The window on the locomotive was a tootsie roll that I microwaved a few seconds, then rolled flat, cut into the shape I wanted and “glued” on with icing.

The last touch was the train tracks: chocolate wafer cookies laid in a row and piped together with chocolate icing.

My son and his friends loved it!

Homemade Five Car Train Birthday Cake

Homemade Five Car Train Birthday Cake

Homemade Five Car Train Birthday Cake

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