Coolest Flat Nose Truck Cake

This Flat Nose Truck Cake is a birthday cake I made for my dad’s 80th birthday, as it was his 80th I want to make him a cake that he’d really love and as my dad Fred was a Truck driver 30 odd years and I knew he’d love a cake like this. I was really worried about making it because I thought it’d be really difficult, it was actually quite easy..

I started with a vanilla 9 by 14inch cake and filled it with Raspberry jam and vanilla frosting. I covered it with black fondant icing (I used about 2kg) the windows I used a tiny dot of black dye to make it just off white and then used some silver food dye to make a slight shine. The windows I kept on with cocktail sticks lol, the radiator I also painted silver and the grill again is black fondant. The wheels even have silver hobcaps.

My dad loved his cake and it tasted lovely.