Coolest Flip-Flop Birthday Cake

This Flip-Flop Birthday Cake I saw made on a TV show but not with fondant, but since I love fondant so much I thought I’d give it a try. The cake got it shape from cutting a cardboard cut out of the shape of the flip-flop on my foot.

I made a regular rectangle sheet cake then cut out the shape. I then covered the entire cake with chocolate frosting. I have the bottom of the flip-flop with purple fondant, and the top with pink. I then rolled out 2 strings of yellow fondant and twisted them together for a cute trim (and to cover up where the purple and pink edges didn’t meet). I then got some store bought flowers and fruity twizzlers for the thong part.

It was a little hard to have the yellow twisted fondant stay on the edges of the cake, but where it slipped down I filled in the spaces with yellow icing.


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