Coolest Flower Basket Birthday Cake

This flower basket birthday cake is one of my favorite cakes to date. We made this cake for a friend’s birthday, very cute and girly!.

It is a three layer, nine inch round yellow cake. The inside is filled with strawberries and whipped cream. It is decorated with a pale blue basket weave technique. The basket handle is made from fondant and formed around the pan so it had the right shape for the cake. The handle should be carefully placed on cake before basket weave is put on the sides. Gift card was also made from fondant, in advance. Happy Birthday was written in icing color with a food grade paint brush.

The flowers on top were made in advance. They include lilies, and roses made from royal icing and calla lilies made from fondant. For our theme we used white, and ivory colors with slight blue accents for our flowers. An added bonus is the Oreo dirt, be careful not to get Oreo’s on basket weave. You can’t go wrong with Oreos! We received such great reviews for this cake, everyone just loved it!