Cool Homemade Flower Basket Cake

This Homemade Flower Basket Cake was for my mom for Mother’s Day. I had just learned how to make a few flowers and wanted to try them out. This site really helped me out with some ideas.

I baked an 8-in chocolate cake. I frosted the whole cake in dark chocolate fudge icing. I used the same icing to make the basketweave. I freehanded this before looking for instructions online but it still turned out okay. I used the same tip used for the basketweave to pipe a line around the top edge of the cake. The flowers were piped directly on top of the cake. I tried to make them overlap each other to make the cake look more realistic. I piped a few sweet peas at the bottom and then did a few of the dot flowers as well just to fill in space.

I finished off with some leaves sticking out from some of the flowers and piped some dots around the bottom half. I was pleased and my mom loved it.

Homemade Flower Basket Cake

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