Coolest Flower Basket Cake

This is a Flower Basket Cake I made for my mom and sister’s birthday. It is the first one I ever made. I made all the flowers several days in advance using royal icing. The cake is made from a store bought mix (2 of them). I made four 8″ round pans, but decided to only use 3 because 4 was a little too tall. After letting them cool all the way I cut each one flat and exactly the same roundness. I then put them together using white icing.

I put a light icing coating on the top and sides. (Hint: If you put a few squares of wax paper just a little ways under the edge of the cake before you put on the icing, you can pull them out very carefully when you are done and it will be very neat and clean.) Then using a basket tip, I started weaving the pattern using brown icing. When done with the basket, I added the flowers, then piped on some leaves.

It took some thinking to come up with the handle. I finally used tin foil folded very thick, shaped it to look like a handle, covered it with brown icing and stuck it in. It turned out great for the first time I have made flowers or done basket weave. Everyone thought it was beautiful and tasted great too!

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  1. Thanks for the comments! I learned to basket weave by watching tutorials on youtube. It’s really not that hard once you get the hang of it! Good luck!


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