I made this flower garden cake using the Wilton Flower cake pan. I followed the baking instructions that come with the pan, but its usually 350 for 30-40 minutes. I almost always bake it for 30 mins. To make sure if does not crack, I leave it in the pan for 30 minutes before removing from pan. I also put in in the refrigerator for an hour before starting to ice it.

I put a crumb coat layer on the whole cake and then used the remaining icing to color the appropriate areas using a variety of star tips. You can use any kind you want really!  I also used a butter cream recipe for the icing. I guess how much icing I need for each color, but err on the side of having too much instead of running out. For the bottom sides of the cake, I used a tip that imitates the look of grass and then I used a star tip that looks like a small flower when it comes out. I then used some remaining white icing to put a dot in the middle of the flower.  Enjoy!