Coolest Flowerpot Birthday Cake

I used a large cupcake tin to make the flowerpot birthday cake. I sliced it in several places and sandwiched with jam and butter cream. I colored some fondant with chestnut color to make the icing for the pot. I covered the base with it then used the leftovers to make a thick band around the top to make it look like a flower pot.

I know a lot of people make his with chocolate cake to look like dirt but I wanted to make a vanilla sponge. For the top I covered it in a thick coating of green butter cream and pushed the flowers, bees and butterflies in.

When making the flowers/bees and butterflies, I mixed a little bit of cmc powder into the fondant so they wouldn’t go soft with the moisture from the butter cream. I then placed it on a cake board. I used some leftover green butter cream to cover the board then sprinkled with green tinted dessicated coconut to look like grass.