Coolest Homemade Football Birthday Cake a Raven Fan

I made this Football Birthday Cake for a dear friend’s 3 year old. The whole family are serious football fans!

I started by using a 13 X 19 in sheet pan, used 2 modified yellow cake mixes per layer (used 2 tbsp oil/mix instead to 1/3 cup). The filling was a fresh strawberry butter cream icing. I used the Wilton recipe for butter cream for the icing. The black endzones are made of the Wilton icing sheets and pure white butter cream lettering. The Raven head was made from fondant. I made layers, gold first, then cut shape needed in purple, then used the white icing sheet for beak, all the black was “penned” in with edible marker.

The spiked football was made with 2 sculpted cupcakes covered with brown fondant and grass tufts around it. Add yardage lines and numbers and personalization and your done! I was very surprised how easily this cake came together for me. The Football Birthday Cake was a huge hit and everyone loved the flavors.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Football Birthday Cake a Raven Fan”

  1. My son absolutely LOVED the cake, and so did all of our guests. And believe it or not, it tasted even better than it looked…and it looks awesome!

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