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Coolest Football Birthday Cake

My son is a BIG Steelers Fan and asked for a Football party for his 13th Birthday. When I went to order his Steelers themed cake at my favorite local grocer, I was SHOCKED at the requested price of $37! So I canceled the order and decided I would make the football birthday cake myself.

I bought a football shaped baking pan at Micheal’s Craft Store. Its a deep 1/2 football pan, with the ridges and threads just like a real football.

I used 1 pkg of Betty Crocker’s Devils Food Cake Chocolate Cake mix per pan and I made 2 cakes due to the number of people we expected to come.

The cake rose quite high out of the pan during baking, which took approx 48 minutes at the oven temp listed on the box. I used a large knife and “shaved” the bump off to flatten the “bottom” of the football so it would sit properly on a plate. The “bumps” made a great snack while the cake cooled.

Once cooled I removed it from the baking pan very carefully!! I frosted the entire thing with Betty’s Rich & Creamy Milk Chocolate Frosting. I then used Betty’s Easy Flow Decorating Icing with the “flat tip” to make the 1″ wide white ribbons on each end of the football. It took 5 stripes on each end to get the right width. Then I used the smallest round tip the Easy Flow came with to make the Center threads.

I did both cakes the same way and they turned out beautifully!! I got tons of compliments from everyone who saw and ate them! My son absolutely loved having such a cool birthday cake!

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