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Cool Homemade Alabama Football Birthday Cake

This Football Birthday Cake came about when a friend asked me to bake an Alabama football cake for her son. We looked up a football field and went at it. We used boxed mixes, a lasagna pan (11.5″ by 15″), and football shaped cake pan from local craft store.

Tips for decorating:

1. Don’t make frosting at home unless you have an electronic mixer. Blisters can occur.

2. When making your own color, it will darken overnight.

3. Try to use the same type of frosting over the whole cake.

4. Make sure you have a way to transport the cake.

5. Write out what you want to write on the cake as a reference-even if it they are “common” words.

6. More frosting is easier to spread.

7. If making your own frosting, make sure you add enough liquid to batch that the frosting stick to the cake.

Have fun. Perfect cakes are make with love and taste good, even if it looks a little “unprofessional”.

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