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Cool Homemade 2D Football Cake

I made this football cake for a customer’s son who loves football. I used a half sheet pan for the cake and made butter cream icing. I first crumb coated the cake. I then tinted most of the icing green and used my grass tip to cover the cake for a grass effect. After that I drew a football in the center of the cake with a toothpick.

I tinted some of the icing brown and filled in the football brown. I then used a star tip and with some of the white icing I piped laces on the football. For the borders of the cake I colored fondant brown and with an oval cut out I made footballs and used white icing to draw laces on the footballs. I then placed them all around the sides of the cake. I used white icing for the message and bought the yellow goal posts at a specialty cake decorating store.

It was great to see the look on the birthday boy’s face when I delivered it!

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