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Coolest French Fries Cake 93

I had a friend ask me if I would make her daughter a cake for her 15th birthday. I asked what she had in mind and her answer was that her daughter just LOVED McDonald’s French Fries. I looked around online and didn’t see anything so I sketched up what I thought would be a cute cake! Couldn’t use the “M” golden arches due to copyrights and such so I used the birthday girl’s initial!

I baked 2 Pillsbury dark chocolate cake mixes in an 11 x 15 rectangle pan. I created a template to look like a french fry box (actually folded an 8-1/2 x 11 paper in half and drew it on one half, cut it out, unfolded it and had an even template on both sides!). Placed the template on top of the cooled cake and cut around it.

For the top of the french fry box I used a cake leveler at the lowest level so there would still be cake to place the “fries” on, just leveled into the area where the box curves then when I cut out the curve it was all even! Crumb coated the cake and put in the refrigerator over night.

For the icing, I used already made Wilton RED icing (it is the perfect color and is not bitter at all!) for the bottom part of the fry box. I did alternating lines of white and yellow for the “inside” of the box. Piped a row of red around the bottom for uniformity. Added the yellow “A” and Happy Birthday message.

For the fries, I used a frozen Sarah Lee pound cake cut LENGTHWISE to get the fries long enough, you just cut the frozen cake into strips that look like fries. Place them on a cookie sheet under the broiler about 30 seconds to a golden brown, turn and repeat until all 4 sides are done. Then you just place the fries randomly. I did put icing at the bottom before I added the next layer to keep them in place. I used 1 pound cake.

I had some nut/candy cups that I put red icing in and placed at each corner using a little icing on the bottom to hold them in place.

Of all the cakes I have done, I just LOVE this homemade french fries cake! And I’ve gotten soooo many compliments on it ~ it was truly fun to do!

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