Coolest Friendly Dragon Cake

The Friendly Dragon cake was made for a first birthday. His birthday is days away from Halloween. The cake is very similar to the dragon costume he would be wearing for Halloween.

The Friendly Dragon cake was made with a retro Wilton cake pan I found for $2. I added his wings by baking another 9 X 13 cake and then cutting it to shape. I also extended the tail using left overs from the 9 X 13 inch cake.

The cake itself is chocolate. The frosting is classic buttercream colored leaf green, emerald green, small black and white, royal purple, and golden yellow. This cake required 2 batches of buttercream. I used a 12 star tip to cover the cake. Then I went in with a medium circle tip and did the polka dots and other details. His teeth are marshmallows rolled flat and cut to form triangles. His claws are candy corn. I built up areas to give more definition around the eyes, shoulder, and upper leg.

NOTE: To achieve best color let frosting sit, covered, at room temp. for an hour. This allows the color to mature.