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Adorable Homemade Frog Cake

I got the idea for this frog cake on this website. My daughter is crazy over frogs. She has two pet tree frogs, so we thought a frog cake would be good. In the past, I’ve made a cake like a pond with lily pads and frog candles, but I’d never tried to make a frog.

I made a double cake batter and baked it in one 9″ square pan, one 9″ round pan, and two three inch glass bowls that have straight sides. I cut the square cake to make the legs.

I used regular butter cream frosting for the eyes, added some blue for the irises, and then mixed green, red and blue to get the grayish pupil color.

The rest of the icing went to green … I frosted most of the cake in a lighter green, then added more coloring for some spots.

Finally, I used the Wilton sparkle gel stuff to make the smile and to write the words.

Voila! It was fun. My six-year-old helped make the batter, and my 10-year-old help put the thing together. Anne was delighted.

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