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Easy Homemade Frog Cake With Smarties

This Frog Cake was a really easy idea I got from a friend – but be warned, it is an awful lot of cake so invite lots of people! I made a large round chocolate cake, three more cakes baked in medium sized loaf tins, and two cup cakes! I positioned two of the loaf cakes next to the round one to make a body and legs, then cut the third loaf cake in half for the feet.

Finally I positioned the two cup cakes at the top to make the frog’s eyes. I then covered it all in green coloured buttercream, and kept a little of the buttercream uncoloured to make the eyes – although this could be coloured yellow or red. I used a large box of candy coated chocolate sweets (smarties, but you could use M&Ms etc) for the eyes and some spots on the body, then a long red licorice (you could use normal black licorice) for the mouth.

I used some of the leftover sweets to make flowers all around the frog on a foil-covered tray.

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