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Coolest Frog Cake Ever

My frog cake was for a good friend of mine’s mother. She has collected frogs for many years just as I have myself, so this cake was a lot of fun for me. I used the Wilton butterfly pan and 1/2 of the soccer 3D pan. I went online and Googled frog cakes to get some sort of a pattern to use and went from there.

I used black candy for the eyelashes and cut a fruit roll up in a spiral for the tongue. I used cupcakes for the little flowers on the sides and used the fruit roll up that’s in a bar shape to make cat tails or pussy willows next to the flowers. I also added some candy rocks along the side to give it the pond feature. As you can see I used the blue foil on the board to make it look like water. As a little extra I made the inside of the white cake green just for fun.

Everyone loved this cake!!

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