Coolest Frozen Buttercream Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

My daughter is all girl – she loves every girlie thing there is, Tinkerbell included. When she turned 2, I asked her what she wanted and she told me in no uncertain terms, Tinkerbell!

I didn’t like the cake pan that was available and wanted something that showed her wings a bit better. I looked all over the web and found a picture of her that would suit. I wanted something of her whole body but I am really bad with hands so I settled for this.

The cake is a basic butter yellow cake, which I made a week prior to her birthday, carved the shape out from a blown up copy of the picture and stuck in the freezer. On the day before her party, I mixed the colors and began the frozen buttercream method. I laid out wax paper over the pattern and began to fill in the colors. Once done, I put in freezer. After a while, I took cake and frosting out and put together. After inverting the frosting onto the cake, I filled in a few places that came off with the wax paper and added the border.

This was my first try with FB method and while it seems like an easier way to do it, the depth of her face, seemed lost to me. I might try this method again in the future but it is not my favorite.

Either way, my girl loved the Frozen Buttercream Tinkerbell Birthday Cake and I loved that she knew it was special because her mommy made it just for her.

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  1. Where did you find the original picture? I really like the cake more than most of the other ones I’ve looked at. I think I would make the cake and free-hand it with buttercream, but a clear picture is always nice to follow! :)

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