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Cute Homemade Garden Birthday Cake for my Daughter

My mother-in-law made this Homemade Garden Birthday Cake for my daughter. It was a big hit at her recent 1st birthday party! The theme was a big number 1 pulling a red wagon with flowers. We wanted the theme from the napkins, plates, etc. to continue with the cake.

So, I found a miniature red wagon off the Internet and she put it on a board for support. The three pots in the wagon are real terracotta pots. The suckers are placed in the pots with floral support balls and green cake icing is the grass. Cake icing is on the suckers as well. The number 1 was made of pink cardstock and it is hot glued to the cake stick and stuck in the cake.

The cake was then iced and the three colors were added: pink, yellow, and green. Cake dots were added for decorations. This cake was enjoyed by all and my daughter will always know how creative her nana is!

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