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Cool Homemade Garden Birthday Cake for my Daughter’s 5th Birthday

For my daughter’s 5th birthday I decided on a garden theme as the party was based around fairies. I made this Garden Birthday Cake.

For the sponge I used a Betty Crocker carrot cake mix. I simply sandwiched them together using green butter icing.

I used two different lots of coloured butter icing. The idea was to use green butter icing for the edge to resemble grass and blue butter icing to resemble the sky.

Around the edge I bought ready made flowers from a local cake decorating shop. I found other decorations in Lakeland.

I used different flowers to decorate the sides of the cake. I used coctail sticks to hold the heavier decorations in place. If you are worried about using these raw spaghetti works just as well! I placed ladybirds around the flowers.

The candle on top was from a pound shop. In the center it has a sparkler. When lit it lights the other 5 wicks on the edges of the petals. As these catch light the flower opens up and sings happy birthday.

I decorated the top with 3 icing butterflies and some bumblebees. Using edible glitter (pink and lilac) I placed a trail behind them as if they were flying! I then scattered red edible hearts over the top.


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