Coolest Garden Cake

The design of this garden cake is not exclusively mine though, I tend to take bits and pieces of ideas from other online cakes to create mine.

The two flower pots were made from a cupcake and a mini-mini-cake pan. The pot of mum’s is my favorite and was so simple to do using a star tip to create the tiny mums.

To recreate these simply pipe a slight mound and begin piping circles of stars from the center out. For the other pot I glued store-bought royal flowers to wires covered in florist wrap.

The gloves were the most fun to make. I rolled the fondant out very thick and free-hand carved them out. I also stacked them to dry so they would fall more naturally.

The details on the seed packets and gloves were painted on using a tiny brush and food color. This was before I learned about those wonderful edible markers! I love those things and highly recommend them.

The other garden items were fondant as well and you are welcome to use any of my ideas for your cakes. Thanks for looking!

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