Coolest Garden Fairy Cake

I made this garden fairy cake using a Wilton dress mold and doll picture. The cake is made from white cake mix which I dyed two colors, a lime green and a hot pink with food coloring and lime Jell-O. I poured one color over the other, to add another little surprise, when cut. The icing was home made whipped cream and marshmallow Fluff and dyed lime green. Decorations consist of candy water drops and silver dragees as well as all hand made and hot pink dyed flowers made from gum paste, plastic spray and edible white pearls.

The floral hair piece was made of gum paste. For the wand, a toothpick, color themed beads and a gum paste flower. My daughter loved this cake and so did many of our guests. I still get compliments from friends and family saying it was my best cake yet! The colors of the cake went along with all of the decor/paper and plastic ware and serving platters, etc. We decorated cardboard fairy wings with Pixie dust (sparkling confetti). A fairy gave each guest their very own fairy necklace and sprinkled them with Pixie dust.

A lot of work had been put into the flower beds so the garden was at it’s best. The boys got their very own separate dirt cake with gummy worms and plastic bugs. I made star shaped cookie wands  (fairy wands). A great time was had by all who attended and this cake was as delicious as it was fun to make!