Coolest Garden Scene Cake

Ann-Christine was turning eleven so I made her favorite chocolate cake. She loves being outdoors, and she’ll totally get engrossed in her own little world once she’s got her book to read, her iPod and Kaasy, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She likes to tune out and we let her be.

Based on that, it was a breeze to depict her Sunday routine in a garden scene cake.

I covered the chocolate sheet cake with nutella/frangelico chocolate ganache. I then laid green fondant on top, pricked it with a needle to form the grass. I completely forgot that I have a fondant gun that I could have used. That process would have saved me two hours poking holes on that fondant grass but, well, I forgot.

I then cut long strips of yellow-orange fondant to cover the four sides of the cake, then pasted same color fondant daisy cut outs around it.

I then made fondant little pots of plants and flowers to surround her. A piece of Styrofoam covered with ecru fondant and embossed with small and medium daisies acted as staging area for the little pots and the number 11. I covered the number sticks with chocolate fondant and stuck a few Daphne and roses in, a bit of leaves and voila. The other number was still moist thus I also had a senior moment about pushing the dowel in.

To make Ann-Christine, I used white fondant with a speck of peach color. I had her sit on the grass the way she does most Sundays, her book and iPod on her lap. Kaasy usually distracts her and this is the usual scene we witness when they’re both outside. At this point, I remember the fondant gun, so I was able to use it for her hair. That was a breeze!

No one dared eat/touch the flower pots nor the Ann-Christine model, so they are now in the armoire, kept for posterity.

Oh by the way, the cake was simply decadent!

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