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Coolest Gary the Snail Cake

I searched around everywhere to try and find a simple Gary the Snail cake that looked pretty authentic, but most were too fancy or way out of my league for baking. I eventually went for my own design and the recipient was quite pleased!

1. Make up two cakes, one in a round tin and one in a rectangular baking dish.

2. Remove them from the dishes and cut them so that the cross section is still intact.

3. Take one circle piece and shape into the shell, making the bottom a straight line.

4. Take a rectangular loaf and cut it to make the shape of the body.

5. Use the other loaf piece to cut into stalks for the eyes.

6. With an egg ring, cut out two eyes from the remaining piece of unused cake and also remove a piece of cake from the shell to accommodate an eye.

7. Assemble the snail, trying to keep the pieces as close as possible.

8. Finish by mixing food colouring with icing to make the colours of the snail and coat the cake generously.

– Note the cake is quite fragile and will fall apart easily so set it on a platter that it can be served on.