Coolest General Grievous Cake

My son is right into Star Wars and asked for a General Grievous cake for his birthday. The idea from the cake came from an image I found for a cookie jar. I used this image with a little less detail for the cake. This was definitely a fun and challenging cake to make, and all my son’s friends were in awe over the cake!!

I started building it from the bottom up. I started off with a 10 inch cake dummy (just because I didn’t need all that cake). I shaved it down to the size I needed (rectangular shape with rounded edges). I baked a 2-layer 8-in round, a 2-layer 6-in round, and ½ of a ball-shaped cake. I used a dense with cake for shaping purposes.

I frosted the cake dummy, then stacked the 8-in on top, frosted. I trimmed the 8-in down so that it was flat on the front and back and still round on the sides. I used the trim pieces on the bottom of the cake, next to the dummy for the rounded shoulders. I mixed ivory and chocolate fondant to get a swirl and covered the stacked cake pieces at this point.

I then covered and shaped the blue fondant. I stacked the 6-in cake on top and carved out eye sockets. I ended with the ball cake on top. I covered the head with the swirled fondant, and the eye socket part with blue fondant. I used 3/8 in foam board and cut out the “wings” for the sides of the head and for the nose. I covered the foam board with the swirled fondant. When I attached the nose, I left enough fondant to attach it to the face around the eye sockets. I also used tooth picks and lollipop sticks as supports for the nose and wings.

I added in the detail on the cake before attaching the wings. To attach the wings, I made about 1-in slits into the head and let them rest on the cake. I added green balls of fondant for the eyeballs and used a black edible marker to add in the details.

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