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Coolest George and Mr Dinosaur Cakes

This cake was made from a basic “from scratch” buttercake recipe. I baked 2 large lamington tin cakes and used one for each character. I got the templates from the TV – paused the DVD when there was a good shot of the characters, zoomed in and traced with tracing paper. I then placed these traced pictures on each cake and cut around them.

Then I covered each cake in its appropriate colours using buttercream, finishing the edges with rolled and coloured fondant. Their eyes are marshmallows cut in half with a Smartie for his pupils. Mr Dinosaurs arms are lolly fruit sticks and his spikes are green fondant. George’s arms and tail are pink fondant. His feet are cut up wagon wheels.

My 2 year old loved his homemade George and Mr Dinosaur cakes and at her party we all ate the whole thing. Thank goodness for photos!

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  1. I love these cakes, I am going to make a Peppa Pig one for my daughters 3rd birthday & I think using the lolly sticks for arms and legs is a great idea, thanks!


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