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Coolest George Pig Cake Idea

I made this George Pig Cake Idea purely for experience only. I have previously made Princess Peppa pig picture number 20 is mine.

I made a sponge cake from 2 rectangular tins, added jam and buttercream then put them in the fridge for a few hours to set. I then used a George template that I had made to carve the cake to make the shape. I did the head and body separately.

I covered it in fondant that I had coloured myself, and then decorated with the eyes, hands and tail. Everything is fondant, I just cut to size.

I loved making this cake, everybody who has seen it loved it, its one of my favorite creations I think so far. I just enjoy baking a lot!

4 thoughts on “Coolest George Pig Cake Idea”

  1. I absolutely love this cake – out of all the Peppa type cakes this one just has such a nice cheeky look about it that really captures the magic of Peppa. Making my cake tomorrow for my little girl’s birthday will be using this one as a guide thanks.


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