Coolest George Pig Cake

I had never attempted a proper birthday cake for my children before as they were too young to appreciate it (and I hadn’t got the time!) so this was my first attempt at a novelty shaped cake, though I do enjoy baking. My son has just turned three and as he has just discovered Peppa Pig and absolutely loves it, I thought I’d try and make him a George Pig cake.

It is actually a very simple cake. I used a plain sponge cake with raspberry jam centre. I made two 8″ sandwiches, then used a paper template I had sketched out from a picture I found online to cut out the shape (had to save some of the offcuts to lengthen his nose and make the ears as the circular cakes weren’t big enough to fit them in!). I used fondant (ready-made, but coloured myself) icing. I have never used fondant icing before and had no idea how to stick it to the cake properly, but ended up using some heated up raspberry jam and painting that over the cake first and the icing went on surprisingly easily.

The hardest bit was actually George’s dinosaur, which kept stretching out of shape when I tried cutting or moving it, so I resorted to rolling and cutting it on a piece of grease proof paper which made it easier to transfer.

My little boy loved it, and I’m rather pleased with how it turned out – for a first attempt!