Coolest Gerbil Cake

My children have 4 gerbils so we had to have a gerbil cake. The cake is a normal round chocolate cake, iced in purple and chocolate. The 4 gerbils are each made of a small chocolate sponge roll (unwrapped!). I used a knife to shape the gerbils’ bottoms and cut a further roll into pieces to make pointed heads. I used icing to stick the heads to the bodies then iced each gerbil in a different shade of brown (to match our gerbils) and used a fork to roughen up the icing to look like fur. I added ears and tail made of ready made icing and little chocolate drops as eyes.

The gerbils love playing inside cardboard tubes so I made a tube of chocolate. To do this I wrapped non-stick parchment paper around a cardboard tube and brushed on layers of melted chocolate. I put this in the refrigerator to harden then gently removed the cardboard from inside. This was fiddly, but it did save me making so many gerbils – as I put a head of one colour at one end of the tube and the bottom and tail of a different coloured gerbil at the other end!

8 thoughts on “Coolest Gerbil Cake”

  1. wow!! that cake is awesome!!I myself have 4 gerbils. Bitsy, Rose, Shilo,and Voldomort. 3 are gray and Bitsy is yellow-orange. At one point, I had 11 gerbils!! I just couldn’t have enough rodents!! I love this cake soo much that I will use this cake for my 11th birthday!! I’m so glad I found your website!

  2. does anyone know how to make guinea pig cake? I’m getting one next week for my birthday!

  3. that is quite creepy “happy birthday little johnny, why dont you cut open that cute little gerbil and eat it?!?!?”

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