Coolest Giant Cup Cake Idea

This is the first time Ihave made a giant cup cake. I hired a cake tin from a local cake decorating shop, it only cost me £2 to hire for 2 days. This is the recipe I used:

16oz self raising flour

16oz sugar

16oz butter


vanilla essence

Baked at gas #3, just below the middle of the oven for approx 1hr 25min or until cooked and left in tin to cool before turning out onto a wire tray to completely cool.

Next day I coloured some roll out icing in pink and covered the cake board and bottom of the cake. Then I mixed some butter cream and added some cocoa powder for a deep rich brown and chocolaty taste. I then put this into a piping bag and iced the top of the cake. This was then left to set overnight.

Meanwhile I made some small roses out of flower paste. I just rolled out a rectangle of flower paste then gradually shaped into a rose shape. I then made some leaves for the roses. These were then left to set. Then with a butterfly press I cut out the butterflies. These were placed into some foil in a v shape so they dried with their wings slightly open. When dry, I coloured with some coloured shimmer dust.

I then attached the roses and the butterflies to the cake to finish off.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Giant Cup Cake Idea”

  1. I am going to make one of these next week for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party at preschool and I wondered what you put around the base of the cupcake???

  2. hi Lisa i just used roll out icing, i crumb coated the base first then added the roll out icing, it’s a bit fiddly but worth it in the end
    best of luck


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