Coolest Giant Cupcake Cake

I made this giant cupcake cake for my daughter’s 1st Birthday that had a Champagne and Cupcakes Theme (obviously the champers wasn’t for the 1 year old!). The cake was a simple golden buttercake.

I made two large round cakes and then I simply stacked the 2 round cakes on top of each other. I put buttercream icing between the two cakes and then simply shaved the cakes into the required shape. I sat the molded cake on top of an up-turned cake tin to gain more height, which I covered with the patty pan.

The outside icing was buttercream icing also, covered with pink smarties, pink sprinkles and the pink number one candle to top it off! The mock patty pan was made from wrapping paper.

This cake was a huge hit with everyone and whilst it took some effort it was well worth it and I would still classify it as a fairly easy cake to make.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Giant Cupcake Cake”

  1. I am surfing the net looking for inspiration and found your cake! It is absolutely gorgeous!! My daughter is turning one very soon and we are having a sugar and spice theme. I love that you put it on an up-turned cake tin to create height. I have seen the giant cupcake cake tins around but think that it would be way to hard to cut up when the time comes. But your idea sounds so much easier! Thanks heaps for the inspiration!

  2. I took your idea and made a cupcake cake as well…people were more fascinated by my gigantic paper cupcake cup that anything else!

  3. I love your idea for the base of the cupcake – wrapping paper! The cupcake came out really great! I have invested in a giant cupcake pan!I also like the pink smarties and sprinkles! Beautiful cake!

  4. How exactly did you fold/cut the wrapping paper? I think I’ll be doing this for my daughter’s second birthday party and would love to use the wrapping paper idea! Thanks =)

  5. i bought an Avon giant silicone cupcake pan it has three sections,and dipped in the middle.I filled it with Cadbury chocolates,fillings can be what ever you like.

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