Coolest Gift Bag Birthday Cake

I baked an 11 x 15 sheet cake using 2 boxes of cake mix, so that it would bake high. I cut the cake into 4 equal pieces, filled and frosted the layers with butter-cream, stacked them 4 high on top of 4 layers of cardboard covered in floral printed foil paper.

I hammered a dowel rod down the center all the way through the cakes and cake boards. I made lavender fondant and rolled it into 5 separate pieces, the top of the cake was 1 piece; the two sides were 2 pieces, the front and back were 2 pieces. I pressed the corner seams together to secure them and shaped them along the corners to resemble a gift bag.

I colored a small piece of lavender fondant with pink gel color, to give it a marbled look, rolled it and cut out a heart; I secured it on with butter-cream. I used a straw to cut out the holes for handles made of ribbons.

The writing was done with food coloring markers and the silver painted hearts were done with silver glitter dust and vodka mixed together. After the hearts dried, I dusted the entire cake with silver glitter dust.

Everything up to this point is edible except the ribbons as bag handles. Next and lastly, I decorated the top of the cake with tissue paper, veil, and tied the ribbon handles with another pink ribbon. Voila! Gift bag birthday cake.

I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did. Everyone loved it!

Coolest Gift Bag Birthday Cake

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