Coolest Gir Cake

After wondering who Gir was after my daughter requesting this cake for her 12th birthday, I started my research. Although I may not care for Invader Zim, is Gir really not the cutest?

I started with 4 layers of 8″ cake, alternating chocolate cake with some rainbow colored white cake. I used Wilton coloring to achieve the rainbow. After blowing a picture of Gir up on my paint program I printed it and used it as a guide to start carving. The body was 3 layers, and I used the same technique for shaping. I was nervous at first but it was much easier than I thought.

After stacking the cakes with butter cream in-between and “dirty” icing it, I let it sit in the fridge for about 15 minutes. I covered it in green colored fondant (using leaf green and yellow coloring).

Afterwards, I did the fun stuff. The pig is completely made out of fondant. Cut out the eyes, zipper, mouth etc. from black fondant. I used a knife to the lines in the zipper and covered it with edible glitter. Turned out wonderful on the black fondant! I formed the legs, ears, and arms out of rice krispy treats and rolled them in fondant. Put them on a cake pop stick and placed them in the cake.

My daughter and her friends absolutely loved this cake! It took quite awhile to complete but it was absolutely worth it. My advice – make the butter cream and fondant a few days ahead of time – the cake and fondant items the day before – and use the next day to decorate. I wish I would have spaced it out a little.

(and because Gir loves cupcakes and my daughter loves bacon, I made bacon cupcakes and placed them along the cake board)

Homemade Gir Cake

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