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Cool Homemade 3D Fondant Giraffe Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a Giraffe Birthday Cake, so I came up with this cute one. I used the Wilton doll pan for the body (I had to shave down the sides of the cake to shape it into a smaller body), mini ball pan for the legs. I shaped the head out of rice crispie treats.

After baking all pieces, I crumb coated (thin layer of icing on cake) all pieces individually. Put them in refrigerator to set up. After frosting is set, add another coat of frosting, then back in refrigerator to set up again.

I used Duff’s buttercream fondant to cover each piece individually. Attached legs with buttercream frosting. I shaped the head out of rice crispie treats (it weighs less than cake and will not be too heavy for your cake). Frost rice crispie treat with frosting then covered with fondant. Attached head to body with wooden dowel for support.

I hand painted the yellow onto fondant with yellow petal dust mixed with vodka (the vodka dries quicker), and attached the little brown squares made of fondant also.

Created a bow from fondant and attached around neck.

The ears and horns were made of fondant and were attached with toothpicks. Eyes and nose were made of fondant also.

My daughter absolutely loved this cake.

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  1. I am doing a Giraffe theme for my son’s first birthday. I love this cake! I would love to hire you to make this cake for me. I am in Fort Worth.


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