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Coolest Homemade Giraffe Birthday Cake

The inside of the Giraffe Birthday Cake was like a giraffe’s skin colouring when the cake was cut. She then covered the cake with ready to roll white icing and painted green leaves on it so that when the giraffe’s (Geoffrey apparently) head was placed on the cake, it would look as he was looking through the tree tops.

The giraffe was crafted out of yellow marzipan based on an ornament which was one of Lara’s presents to be and then painted with food colouring. My wife had trouble finding the correct shade of brown but after a quick scout on the web, she used diluted coffee powder. Her first try was a pair of red high heels shoes for our other granddaughter’s 18th. If she makes anymore cakes, I’ll post them too. I’m personally expecting something special next birthday!

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