Cool Homemade Giraffe Birthday Cake Using the Wilton Number One Cake Pan

This giraffe birthday cake is the second cake I have done for my boss’s daughter who is 17 this year. Last year she wanted Hello Kitty. This cake was made using the Wilton One (1) shaped pan. I used one white box cake mix and the Wilton butter cream icing recipe tinted with buttercup yellow and a little brown to achieve the mustard color. I slightly carved the “face” part just to make it a little more defined.

After that it was just adding the brown spots which I piped in and smoothed with my finger. I used the Wilton grass tip (pulling it slightly) to do the mane although I think a pulled star tip would have worked as well. The ears are made of melted chocolate using an oval cookie cutter as a mold and then just pushing it into the top of the cake when hard.