Coolest Girls Dinosaur Birthday Cake

My daughter asked me to make her a dinosaur cake for her third birthday because she loves Dorothy the dinosaur so I said ‘ok, I will try’ and when I was finished I was very happy, I couldn’t believe I had done it! She was sooo happy!

I used 3 butter cake mixes and baked it in a large rectangle baking tray. I then left it to cool for a few hours just to make sure it was cold. I then cut out the head shape using tooth picks to out line my shape first. Once cut, I than iced the whole head with pink butter icing.

I also made 2 extra cup cakes for the eyes and iced them in the same colour, then used 2 marshmallows for the eyes and smarties for the inside all stuck on with icing.

It is all out lined with strawberry licorice and smarties for the spots and the smaller spots are M&M’s. For the dinosaur’s spikes I used wafer rectangles (you get them were all the ice cream toppings are) — I cut them into triangles and pushed them in to the side of the cake. I then sprinkled coloured sprinkles over the spikes and then all complete really easy.

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  1. This cake looks awesome!! Great job.. Im going to try and make one like it but with green icing for my son’s birthday! Thanks for the idea!

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