Coolest Girl’s Dog Cake

I love this site, it is the first place I go when birthday time rolls around. I made this Girl’s Dog Cake for my daughter’s first birthday. I made the cake in a 9 inch square pan, then frosted it with pink frosting. The cake and frosting were special recipes, since she had some food allergies at the time.

I looked at some simple pictures of dogs until I found one I thought I could trace/sketch. I drew the basic shape of the dog’s face on paper, then traced it onto the iced cake. I outlined it in black, and made the eyes and nose black also. I filled in the “fur” with white coconut, used a strawberry slice for the tongue, and added a pink bow out of fabric. This was her individual cake.

I also made a 9 x 13 cake with words – “Happy Birthday Libby!” for the rest of us to eat.

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