I have never made a cake like this before. After looking on this site, I got inspired. My son was having a fish themed birthday so I decided to make a goldfish cake.

I started with a 9×13 cake. I lined the pan with wax paper so it would not stick. I let it cool in the freezer for 45 minutes. While waiting, I drew a fish shape on paper and cut it out. I took the cake out, flipped it over and removed the wax paper. Then, I placed the fish shape on the cake and cut it out with a serrated knife. I used the extra pieces to make the fins and just arranged them.

I used white canned frosting and added food coloring. I put a thin layer on first and then went over it again. I used a spoon to make the scales by pressing it down and lifting it up repeatedly. I used a fork to draw lines on the fins. I had some left over frosting and used a small paint brush to add the eye and the water underneath.

It turned out well and was easier than I thought it would be. Everyone loved it and it was so much more special than buying a generic cake from the bakery. I have another birthday party coming up and I look forward to making that cake too. Thanks to this site and best wishes to everyone giving their family and friends cakes made with love(the most important ingredient that cannot be bought).