Coolest Goldy Gopher Cake

My 3 year old nephew wanted a homemade Goldy Gopher cake. The images I found of Goldy were a little detailed and not anything I wanted to attempt to transfer to a cake at the time (8 months pregnant).

Instead I used a #16 tip to draw the Minnesota “M” on the cake, I then printed a double sided picture of Goldy, had it laminated and used it as a cake topper.

My nephew loved it and I think it turned out great! The hardest part was probably mixing the maroon frosting!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Goldy Gopher Cake”

  1. I’m thinking of designs for my grandson’s 2nd birthday and will be something Golden Gophers. What type and color of food coloring did you use to get the maroon? Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I used Wilton colors. The maroon was a mixture of red and brown. maybe a little orange. start with small amounts to work up to the right color.

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