This cake was a special request from my son for his uncle. I had made a Mickey Mouse cake (also posted to this website) and while my family was talking about my brother’s upcoming birthday and asked about his favorite cake, my son quickly said “a Goofy cake!” so I decided to surprise my brother.

There are no Goofy cake pans I could find to get an idea on the picture of Goofy and the exact colors and tips. I found some pictures off the Internet and picked one that I thought would be easiest to duplicate on a cake since, although I enlarged the picture and outlined it on the cake (with black icing), I had to do the inside free hand.

I used a number 4 tip to outline Goofy in black (same tip for the green writing) and then used a number 16 tip for all the stars. The icing is a simple buttercream recipe using Wilton colors – peach, orange and green – for the face, shirt and hat with simple red and black colors for the tongue and body.

I made the homemade Goofy birthday cake the day before (yellow cake) and froze it overnight so that it would be easier to spread the white icing without too many crumbs. I have done the frozen cake, icing next day (cake kept in frig), served the following day schedule before and it works great – the cake is fully defrosted and tastes great.