Coolest Googly Eyed Monster Cake!

Last year my little boy was turning 4 and we had just finished decorating his room all in monsters, so he decided (with my help…I have a thing for monsters) to have me make him a monster cake for his party.

I was excited to do it, especially because I thought it was going to be fairly simple. I baked 2 cake mixes using a 7 inch round cake pan for the bottom, a 6 inch round for the middle and half of my ball cake pan for the top (head).

Then I just stacked them separating them with a layer of butter cream frosting. Then started the process of piping on “fur” with my fur tip in different colors for each layer. After that was done, I made his mouth out of fondant and added his 4 googly eyes that were big suckers dipped in white chocolate, then I used a sharpie for the black…yes totally un-edible, but I’ve never been able to get the edible ink pens to work very well. So obviously we just threw them out when it was time to eat our monster.

Anyway my little guy loved his monster!

Coolest Googly Eyed Monster Cake!

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