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Coolest Gospel Red Guitar Cake

I baked this red guitar cake for myself for my 32nd birthday.  I’ve wanted to make a guitar cake from last year already and I love my gospel music, my favorite color is red too, that’s why I made it red and added my favorite Cd’s as an accessory. I baked this cake 3 days before the time.

I baked a very nice and moist chocolate cake with its own cocoa butter chocolate cream on top.  I colored quite a large amount of fondant in red, small amount in black, gray and white.  I Googled a few shapes of guitars to see which one I liked. I divided in two and made the bigger part in an A4 size and the longer part a separate A4 size.  I then took two A3 papers and enlarged them.  I drew the other parts and cut them out of the paper to use a template on the fondant to guide me as to how to cut my fondant.

I baked 4 different cakes, 2 A4 size cakes and 2 small bread pan sizes.  I put them along side and put my templates on and cut alongside to create the guitar shape.  I then covered my cakes entirely in red fondant.  I made a little liquid icing mixed with water to attach my fondant shapes and designs on my cake. At first I thought I bought the right icing to make my guitar strings, but I bought strawberry flavor which would turn out to be pink instead of white.  I had to improvise and use white fondant instead. This was a mission to roll the fondant in very fine strings.

At the bottom of the white string I also made gray strings.  The buttons in gray on the guitar are even movable. I attached them with tooth picks on the side.  This was interesting.