This Gotham city cake was made using 6 6in cakes, stacked, then supported by wooden rods.

Buildings were constructed using gum paste, first dyed, then rolled, then cut free hand. Each building was individually painted using gel food coloring , and detail was piped on each window.

Highlight affects, as well as overlapping buildings were also constructed out of gum paste. Buildings rested for 48 hours to make sure the the gumpaste was completely dry. The buildings themselves took about 5 hours to make. Patients is a must!

The cake itself was first frosted, then covered in gray dyed fondant. I constructed the Gotham city scene by layering gum paste and fondant, starting at the top and moving my way to the bottom. Attaching each piece by brushing on a small amount of water to the back.

The top of the cake made to look like the dirty pavement. I cut black dyed fondant to make the street, and gray dyed fondant to form the sidewalks.

***The Batman and Catwoman figures on top of the cake were the only non edible items on the whole cake***

The side Batman logo was rolled and cut white gum paste, which was hand painted using gel food coloring.

Overall construction of the Gotham City cake approximetly 15 hours start to finish.