Cool Homemade White and Green Graduation Cake

I made this graduation cake for my boyfriend’s graduation. It was two 11″x15″ cakes (one white, one chocolate) placed side by side and glued together with a bit of icing. The top piece was cake baked in the top two pieces of a small tier set (5″ and 7″?).

I decorated the top outside of the large cake first with a green stripe (smooth side of a basket weave tip) and then shells on top. The bottom of the large cake was shells with green dots at each tail. I did the tiered cake with drop strings.

4 thoughts on “Cool Homemade White and Green Graduation Cake”

  1. Thanks for sharing your cake. I have an 11×15 pan and was wondering if that was equivalent to a “half sheet”? I am starting to bake for people and I’ve had people ask me what size “sheet” cakes that I have. I mainly use Wilton pans and they don’t say the sheet size, only measurements.
    Also, how did you get both cakes to be level so that it doesn’t slope?
    Thanks….I’m not sure how this works as far as responding back. But hopefully you can reply to this!

  2. Well you end up using a cake leveler that you can buy at Walmart for a couple of bucks and you cut the top (rounded part) off the cake and you would do this to both cakes. It has notches to do different heights. Or you use a serrated knife and cut it away – that way trying to be level. Then put the cut side down and you will have a smooth part to ice with no crumbs.

  3. Was wondering what size cake board you use for two 11×15 cakes side by side…24 ” by 16″? and where do you find this size board?

  4. Hey, I am also from Ashley, Illinois!! Great Cake! It looks like you took a lot of time to be precise…great job!

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