Cool Homemade Graduation Cake With Cap and Diploma

A friend at work was graduating college. Her manager and co-workers wanted to throw a surprise party and asked me to bake a cake. I researched the school colors of her college and got to work.

The graduation cake is your basic two 8″ layer cake. The icing is a standard white butter cream. I drew the graduation cap on a piece of wax paper, wrote over it in gel paste, and flipped it over onto the cake to use as a stencil. I made blue and yellow roses with thick butter cream icing, representing the school colors. The sides of the cake were decorated with columns and bows, to signify the pomp and circumstance of the graduation.

The diploma scroll was made by rolling out white fondant in a rectangle, rolling it up, and tying it with a bow. The graduate loved the cake, as did the participants in the party.