Cool Homemade Graduation Cake With Fondant Flowers

This is the graduation cake I made. This is the first time I tried my hand at Fondant. Since I don’t like the taste of ready made fondant I tried making marshmallow fondant. I wasn’t sure whether it will come out right so I didn’t add any colour. Once it came out well I was scared to add colour so kept it white.

The book was made from 1/4 sheet cake cut into two and stacked one on top of the other using butter cream icing. I carved the cake a bit to give an outward curve on one side and an inward curve on the other. Then I frosted the 3 sides with butter icing and made it look like pages using serrated side of a knife. I then covered it with fondant before putting on the other cake. I planned to put the graduation cap on top of the book. But the book it self was heavy ,so I kept it separate.

The flowers are made of fondant. I made them by hand. I made everything from scratch. The graduation cap was carved out of cake and the board on top is matzo biscuit. It took me 15 hours to make this cake from start to finish. I think I would have saved some time if I had two cake pans. It was a hit. Everybody loved the cake and the fondant.

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